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Feet planted on solid earth and head held high, ever since 1948 Rishi Bankim Chandra College has stuck to the relentless pursuit of Rishi Bankim’s mantra – “Bande Mataram more...

Latest News & Updates

Tender Notice for supplying equipments for the Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication 

Tender Notice for supplying HP 1020 Printer 

Tender Notice for supplying equipments for the Dept. of Botany 

Tender Notice for supplying equipments for the Dept. of Chemistry 

Tender Notice for supplying Steel Locker Almirah (dept. of Chemistry) 

E-Tender Notice for supplying of Books under RUSA 2.0 grant 

Tender Notice for supplying Glassware & Chemicals (dept. of Chemistry) 

Tender Notice for supplying Printing & Stationary  

Notice for College Overhead Fees  

Download Challan for paying College Overhead Fees into HDFC Bank  

Tender for supplying Printing & Stationary  

Tender for supply and installation of additional networking equipments  

Tender for supplying accessories/equipments for the Dept. of Physics  

Tender for supplying Chemicals,Glass Goods,Specimens (Class Meterials) and Slides for the Dept. of Botany  

Examinations Rescheduled  

Tender for CIVIL Construction Works  

Tenders for purchasing of books under RUSA 2.0 scheme 

Tenders for supplying Benches 

Tenders for supplying Computer peripherals and accessories 

Tenders for supplying Chemicals & Equipments 

Tenders for supplying Office Furnitures 

Tenders for supplying Accessories for the Dept. of Physics 

Tender Notice for Civil Construction Work 

Under Graduate Admission 2018: Click to Apply 

Post Graduate Admission 2018: Click to Apply 

International Seminar 

Tenders for supplying Glassware 

Tenders for supplying Printing & Stationaries 

Tenders for Networking and AC Wiring Equipments 

Notice Inviting Tenders to supply Chemicals, Live Specimen, Preserved Specimen, Skeletons, Slides of Parasites, Histology Items, Glassware, Equipment, Electronics items, Computer Accessories, Furniture for the Department of Zoology  

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