From the Principal's Desk

Jaba Chattopadhyay

Welcome to the portal of Rishi Bankim Chandra College – the institution which has exemplified excellence in higher education for over six decades. The College offers some of the best academic resources for excellence in Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines, be it by way of faculty, infrastructure, library or computers. We believe that each student is special and has the potential to excel in many different ways. Then the touchstone of all our programmes is active engagement that nurtures individual talent. We impart formal education with a difference even as we work within the constraints of a traditional university system. Through carefully crafted interaction and activities within and outside the classroom, we provide experiences that help the student discover innate capabilities, set life-long goals and proactively work towards their fulfilment.

The faculty is distinguished and the support staff is dedicated. The teaching-learning programmes are marked with personal mentoring; students are encouraged work in collaborative teams and learn from peers. The emphasis is on innovative teaching strategies that provide experiential learning through project work, field work and case studies. The college has several career oriented programmes; it will soon be introducing adjunct modules to enrich and add value to the degree programmes. The students can pursue these in conjunction with their regular course of studies.

Life at RBCC, however, is not just an academic fire-wall. At any time, the campus remains suffused with vibrant energy as the entire community revels in the creative pursuit of extra-curricular activities with equal vigour.

Dear students, you will surely cherish memories of the alma mater and rely on the life-long support structure provided by a unique peer group and by a caring faculty who shall be your friends and mentors for ever.

Wishing you all the best.

The Governing Body

Dr. Amal Chakraborty Govt. Nominee,
Dr. Sanjib Kumar Saha Principal, 
Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Sri Samir Kumar Chatterjee Govt. Nominee,
Dr. Debdas Chakraborty Govt. Nominee,
Dr. Saktipada Barik West Bengal State University Nominee,
Dr. Sukesh Patra West Bengal State University Nominee,
Dr. Gargi Mukherjee West Bengal State University Nominee,
Dr. Supti Raha Teachers' Representative, 
Dr. Susanta Kumar Nandi Teachers' Representative, 
Dr. Prabhat Kumar Pal Teachers' Representative, 
Prof. Durjoy Roy Teachers' Representative, 
Sri Subhas Chandra Banerjee Non-Teaching Representative,
Sri Debabrata Pandit Non-Teaching Representative,
Sri Subrata Das Students' Representative,
Member (Ex-Officio)

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